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Pouring Massage Oil


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Why should I get a massage?

Professional massage improves your health and well being by releasing muscle tension, improving circulation, reducing the effects of stress, and can even alleviate pain. Massage therapy can also used to compliment chiropractic treatments. Most people get a massage because they are interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, experiencing new methods of relaxation or alleviating the stress, aches and pains that are a part of everyday life. The benefits of massage are widely recognized.

What can I expect?

Before the massage begins, there is normally a small form to fill out concerning your health history and personal preferences. You should then take some time to talk about any specific aches, pains, or tight muscles you may have. This is also a good time to ask questions and mention any concerns to your massage therapist. After a brief consultation, your massage will be tailored to address your specific needs.

You will then be left alone to undress to your level of comfort, get on the massage table, and lay down under a large sheet to cover your body until the massage begins. When you are ready, the massage therapist will come back into the room, make sure you are comfortable then start the massage.

The massage will often begin with you lying on your stomach because many people have tight muscles in their neck and back. This means your face will probably be in a cushioned cradle at the end of the massage table. You can choose not to use the face cradle, but many people find it very relaxing and it is important for allowing access to your neck and shoulder muscles. You may also choose to lay on your back or side if you prefer to start in a specific position. This may even be mandatory if you have a special need such as an injury or if you are a woman receiving a prenatal massage. The therapist will determine what is best for you.

What should I wear?

Wear whatever makes you comfortable. Since there is no reason to put on make-up or get dressed up before a massage, you can keep it simple with fairly casual clothing. Some people wear a t-shirt, jeans, shorts or other similar types of clothing. But there are also times when you may come in during your lunch break or after a long day at the office. In that case, there is no need to go home and change or worry about your clothes since they will be off to the side away from the massage oil or lotion.

Which massage style is right for me?

A brief consultation will help determine the type of massage therapy required to meet your particular needs. Whether you prefer one specific style of massage or a combination of different treatments, personalizing each session is an important part of attaining the best massage possible.

How often should I get a massage?

If it is simply for stress relief and relaxation, we recommend that you get a massage once or twice a month. If you have something that requires more attention such as back pain, tight muscles, or significant levels of stress, it is a good idea to get a massage about once a week. It's entirely up to you!

Why do I need to drink water after a massage?

The body tends to build up metabolic waste and various toxins that get trapped and stored in-between the soft tissue areas. These wastes and toxins are often pushed into the blood stream and the lymphatic system during a massage (where they belong).

If you drink a lot of water, then most of it will be flushed out of the body as waste.

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