Black Stone Massage Studio -
Customized Massage
Escape the stress of life with this one of a kind experience focusing on your
needs. Our therapist specialized in Swedish, Deep Tissue Massage,
Stretching & Trigger Point Therapy will create a session tailored just for
you with your preference of light, medium or deep pressure.
1/2 hour $30
1 hour $55
1 1/2 hour $75
2 hour $95
Hot Stone Massage
Experience our unique massage combining the slow, rhythmic flow of Swedish techniques with hot, oiled basalt stones. The soothing stones are massaged over
the body creating warmth and relaxation from head to toe.
1 hour $65
1 1/2 hour $85
TheBlack StoneSignature Massage
Relax and unwind with our signature service. Includes a soothing hot stone massage, invigorating scalp massage and our custom deep moisturizing treatment for hand & feet.
Ahhh....doesn't get much better!
1 1/2 hour $95
Prenatal Massage
Comfort provided as we nurture the mother-to-be with massage, relieving tension she may feel as her body changes during pregnancy. Special cushions and pillows are used to accommodate any stage of pregnancy.
1 hour $55
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Please feel free to call with
any questions 803-286-0111
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